A Decade in Service!

It was sure a night to remember, after months of preparation Rotaract club of Lewet celebrated its 10 the year anniversary on the 19th of December 2014. The event was held at Hilton Hotel with the gathering of more than 250 Rotaractors and Rotarians from all the clubs in Ethiopia making a truly functional event. The event started off with a photo exhibition of the clubs 10 years journey including the presidents profile with interesting facts about the clubs foundation and the activities it underwent to enable it reach were it is
today. After guests were entertained the dinner was opened with the remark from Brikte Haile, current President of the club with toast to the nation followed invited one of
the main people responsible for the foundation of the club Rotarain Hencok, President of the now Rotary Club of Central Mella to talk about the history 10 years ago of how it all unfolded. Then Brikte invited DGE Teshome Kebede followed by DRR Rahel Getachew and then Rtn, Hirut Befekadu, President of mother club Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West who each gave their congratulatory remarks emphasizing on creating stronger unity and extension focus to the audience. Afterwards dinner was served with the delicious 5 Starr menu of Hilton hotel entertaining guests and taking photos on the red carpet. Then, the keynote remarks were made by the main sponsors of the event DIAGEO Corporate
relations manager Bahakal Abate who gave the speech entitled “Say NO to Underage Drinking” and their future plans to work with the club as the ambassadors for the campaign as this event is their launching platform to which they were delighted to sponsor it and create sustainable partnerships. Afterwards the clubs 10th year address was given by its long standing member IPCC Abenezer Feleke who gave a moving speech on how the club not only was a medium to volunteer and serve but to make friends of a lifetime, garb opportunities to grow and above all become a safe haven for the hundreds of members who have passed through its doors making it one of the most vibrant and long standing
clubs in the country. The clubs long awaited website (www.rclewet.org) was officially launched with the Cake cutting and Champaign toasting ceremony celebrating its 10 years of service in Rotaract. Finally group photos of the members were taken followed by dancing and music entertaining guests’ including continuing the festivities at an after party
hosted by one of the famous club Bailamos celebrating for a night to remember. Lewet is overjoyed with the level of support and success the event has been and would like to thank all of you for your support and specially Hilton Hotel and Resorts, DIAGEO, Bilamos Club and Lounge and Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West for their undivided support for
making it happen. Until we meet in the next decade wishing all a fruitful and prosperous year of Fellowship and Service!!

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