Being Inspired by Professionalism

RC Lewet had the privilege of hosting a special guest speaker, current Assistant Governor and vibrant Rotarian Essayas Yesusswork on the 10th of August 2014. Rotarian Essayas was quite an inspirational and interesting person who had the experience towards developing the core values of professionalism that we should all adapt in every discipline and profession. He talked on the core values of professionalism and the code of ethics that we should manifest in every day of our professional development. The members of the club were captivated from beginning to end as he shared his enlightening knowledge on concepts behind a strong professional character such as punctuality, being a team player, strong communication skills (sharing ideas and good listening capabilities). He also talked about step we should initiate such as problem solving capabilities, and attitude towards strong interpersonal skills of honesty to ourselves, others and everyone is the work environment. As a professional he emphasized that we have to work to the best of our abilities and not just b/c the task was given to us. Work is not a mood determined by ones onset and offset behavior but should be a habit. The ability of accepting criticism on a positive note and asking questions to show ones clarity in the things that we do are what takes us to the next level. His then talked about our abilities to “focous” of being in constant attention and the interruption these days by technology in our generation which is an illusion telling us that we are multi-tasking when in fact we are not but rather are degrading the quality of the work that we have been given. This was a surprising to everyone, as he moved on to talk about what makes a true professional.

As a Professional we should respect our selves, others and accept responsibilities to the best of our abilities. We should adapt ourselves and accept the change in our environment. Be grateful for what we have, keep our promises and never procrastinate on our tasks but rather deliver on absolute focus.

After a break, everyone was eager to talk more and learn on these concepts that we tend to overlook and was motivated to become more professionally adapted in every task that we do. As Rotaractors he said that it’s through developing these traits that we can develop ourselves to be capable of service in our lives and our communities continuing the chain of transition to rotary. He made the rainy Sunday evermore hopeful as everyone shook hands and was inspired by the professionalism which most did not expect to be enlightened to this much knowledge. We would like to thank Rtn, Essayas for taking his time and preparing himself to inspire us all to become the true professionals that we ought to be.

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