Summer plastic shelters donation

Saturday (July 30, 2016) was a cold but yet a refreshing night. Piazza, the area we chose to implement our project is a very old part of the city. The name of this infamous neighborhood is in fact Italian meaning public place or market place. There dwell a consider amount of female sex workers, (one which was wearing a hijab caught me by surprise. How can one be religiously observant and yet take up this kind of work?). Attracted by a large number of hotels and bars one can find them in large numbers and with diverse demography.  The hotels while usually being small and thrice or four times older than the average age expectancy of the average Ethiopian seemed to be packed with people dancing and merry making. The streets, narrow and with varying slope together with some age old beautiful houses reminded everyone who wishes to admire their beauty, the glorious past of the city: the beauty it had during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia and imperial times. I said to myself, “If a tourist is not going to see it while in Addis then he/she should ask for their money. Being the central part of the city, piazza has been also the center of Addis Abeaben culture, where the identity of the “Ye addis ababa lij (addis abebean)” similar to what we call a “new Yorker” originates from. It’s the Brooklyn of Addis.

Unfortunately it is not affluent as the some neighborhoods like bole. It is packed with people living on the street, street children who have either run away from their homes or orphans, street vendors with different goods ranging from fruits to old books and magazines. Its overpopulated, rundown, and has been the main target of urban renewal programs carried out by the cities administration.  One can see a number of demolished houses there.  Such a neighborhood easily attracted our members to do an outreach donation of clothes and shelter bags.

We first assembled at one of our members house found in that neighborhood, sorted all the materials we have. We had used clothes and used shoes.  We also brought plastic bags that can be used for sleeping or constructing a makeshift house. They were bought by willing members of our club and were fit to be used as both sleeping bags and shelters. In order to do that, we had to go to tailors have them redesigned.   We sorted them by their size and proceeded to Tayitu hotel. This is a hotel opened by Empress Tayitu, wife of Menelik II, to host foreign diplomats. From there we discussed how to spread our materials, once we came up with our strategies; we went in different directions and gave what we have to the people whom we thought were the most deserving. That’s where the problem started. The some people saw we were holding clothes, everybody thought he/she was the perfect candidate.

We went through quarrels and misunderstandings on different occasions. Yet we also had to protect ourselves from those who wanted to rob us. The most painful experience was, however, to see people who have literally hit rock bottom, those who have nothing absolutely nothing. There were some who were very peaceful, those who just wanted to be helped. Even when we passed them by, they showed no sign of contempt. We were amazed by their humility and disgusted by their poverty. In all honesty the things we did will not make contributions to the current state of their lives. We were the ones who were the most beneficial, for we got the chance to exercise our humanity and such a wonderful experience it was. I was thinking, if in the future one of us becomes a leader our country, will he/she not be a great leader? Will he/she have no problem defying his/ her ego? For that is the essence of rotary: to serve our community, to really know what our community is going through, to experience suffering of other and o grow fro it as leaders and professionals.  We then headed to dinner after we finished giving away our goods and had some laughs. All in all it was a fruitful night worthy or remembrance

BOD Installation and President Handover vacation

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RC Lewet installed its 2015/16 Board of directors on the 12th of July 2015 at Kuriftu resort and Spa. Last year’s BOD team, in accordance with the prizes it has won, has been an energetic and successful team. The reason for it success and improvement is the sense of team work it has created in all its members. Therefore it wanted the same spirit to exist in the new BOD team as well as members of the club. So to foster fellowship and a sense of family within the club, it organized this particular event.

The event started with club members meeting at a pre-selected venue to wait for transportation.  After boarding transport vehicles we safely arrived, at our destination at kuriftu resort and spa. It’s one of Ethiopia’s well know resorts located very near to Addis Ababa. After socializing a bit awe started our prescheduled handover ceremony in one of the meeting halls of the resort. The ceremony stated with every attendant introducing himself/herself to the rest of the participants. People introduced themselves by telling their audience their names, vocations and so on. One significant phenomenon in the proceeding was the fact that senior members were more at ease when introducing themselves rather than newly inducted members or guests. It may be because they are familiar with the social setting but for the greater part it was the confidence and leadership skills they have developed over the years that made the distinguished. This was clearly observed by new members and guests.

After everybody introduced hiself/herself, the president of last year’s rotary calendar gave brief speech of her experiences as a president and how she learned a great many things form it. She spoke of how she hesitated at first but after a little bit of persuading she was convinced to accept her nomination , but she never regretted it ever since. She also shared the reason for her success as a president citing the unconditional support of past presidents and BOD members who had managed to show their unique talents while serving. Some members were thanked for supporting her in report writing while other members became the backbone of the club by creating connections between club member s and by being practical problem solvers. All in all she stated she has sharpened her leadership skill through her experience as president.

The next section in the proceeding was regarding briefing about the value of Rotaract and rotary to new invited guests. Our latest ADRR, Rezene Gebresialse, was invited to the event and started explaining what  rotary and rotaract is to guests. He reminisced about how he joined Rotaract and what his first experience was. He warned guests that their first experience might lead them to have wrong preconception of Rotary and Rotarct and reminded them to have patience and a positive outlook. After understanding what it stands for, he assured them that they will be the biggest fans. He also informed them about the things he has benefited from Rotaract. His ideas were also supported by this year’s Rotaract club of Mella president Binayam kasshaun who strictly informed the guest the potential business and networking opportunities rotaract creates.  There was so much energy in the room that we began to disturb people in adjacent halls.   From that time on everybody became friendly and started socializing.

One significant speech was made by a senior member of our club, Muluken Kashahun (emu) who spoke from heart about what she experienced about Rotarat. She made it clear to the guests that their experiences in Rotaract will be unique because it always attracts a unique set of people keen on serving their communities.  Additional speeches were made by the onto diani DRR Abenezer feleke and other members as well.

Afterwards, we commenced to the handover ceremony. The newly selected BOD members were introduced to the club and the newly selected president was given her   badge of honor by the previous president Briktie Haile.  After the handover ceremony ended, we proceeded to the lunch ceremony and coffee ceremony, as it is customary to drink coffee after lunch.

The afternoon was a really vital and more joyful part of the event since members and guests were taking part in a boat riding activity. The resort offers small boats to and we were able to explore the natural surroundings of the lake around the resort while other members started to socialize. By that time guests were already familiar with the rest of the group and it gave a huge opportunity to socialize and discuss more. I personally got to know 2 new members more. They shared me their university experience and the difficulties they were facing in campus. I told them about my own university experience and told them some tips about the campus experience and what I found in the real world. They were very interested about what I actually faced in the real world since it’s a new frontier to them. All in all by talking and discussing we suddenly became at ease with each other. I also managed to get to know most guests in the event.  When the boat riding event was finished we commenced to picture taking activites. We had a lot of fun in this event.

The photos attached show the spirit of our fellowship, and the sense of family we have created which we know is the real strength of our club.It was a successful event also because more than 80% of our club members were present.  Therefore our mission was accomplished and we set out to return to Addis Ababa.

Meet our District Rotaract Representative Elect 2016/17

Rotaract Club of Lewet was indeed honored and privileged to be given the opportunity to nominate long standing member Abenezer Feleke Yimer as the District Rotaract Representative Nominee (DRRN) as per the invitation of District Rotaract 9212 to nominate for the 2014/15 Rotaract year. Abenezer is one of our most dedicated members that fully qualify for the criteria...
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Easter Holiday with the Kids at Matios Wondu Cancer Society

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Couldn't ask for a better Holiday than to spend time was the kids and battling with Cancer! Lewet donated toys, books and Kitchen Appliances including Juice maker, Onion slashers and others to the society played with the kids, gave cakes and sweets making them feel that they are part of us. Thank you all for making it so special! Happy Holidays everyone!

Happy World Rotaract Week

World Rotaract Week is a time for Rotaractors and Rotarians around the world to come together to celebrate the success and importance of the Rotaract program. This event is also an excellent opportunity to inform members of your community about the amazing work that Rotaract clubs do, and give them an opportunity to get involved. RcLewet...
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