Horse Riding Excursion and Fellowship

Games, Music, Food, Entertainment, Trips, Conferences, you name it. Fellowships organized by Rotaractors are for sure fun and engaging. RC Lewet decided this time to organize a fellowship that is not only fun and engaging but also rarely appreciated as well. It is with this in mind that the club service decided to organize a Horse Riding Excursion and fellowship at one of the few recreational places that hosts such activities, The Balderas Equestrian Club the 21st of Feb 2015. The mood was festive and exciting as Rotaractors with no prior experience in horse riding dominated the gathering at Sun Bird café Saturday afternoon to go together to the club that is found on the outskirts of Addis. Members mingled and had fun enjoying the trip as the club service team waited to welcome them on behalf of the club reserving the stables and tickets for everyone to experience the beauty of riding horses. It was fun to see first time reactions as everyone got on to their horses for the first time and practiced the skill of riding with photos and videos being captured as they did it for the first time. It was full of laughter as people rode together, took pictures, mingled with the horses and some even competed who rides the best and faster too. After a 2 hour fellowship members visited the stables and took pictures thanking the club for helping organize such a great fellowship for a great way to spend the Saturday afternoon. Finally members went together and had dinner reminiscing the exciting day appreciating the beauty of riding horses and the beauty of Rotaract in making it happen all together.

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