If there is a Will there is a Way (Lewet August Fundraising Initiative)

A child cannot afford to buy an exercise book and skips school-skips his/her future. So many kids in primary schools face such situations across the country which is why RC Lewet implements its annual back to school project called “TO YENETA” every year providing school supplies for kids who cannot afford to buy one and are skipping school every year. As usual this year the community service did a needs base assessment, but this time the need was greater to which the club made the decision to send in 500 kids to school in four target schools located in Addis Ababa. During its bi-weekly assembly the fundraising team for the project announced the cost that is needed to cover 500 kids their entire year which was 78,000 birr (156 birr/child). There was a general doubt surrounding the room, which members taught how we could possibly fundraise all that money in just one month?. The hill was high to climb. While there was doubt in everyone, the fundraising director motivated the members and said “we can do this, if there is a will there is always a way”, that statement fueled the determination and commitment in members who didn’t want to let down a single child and came up with the idea of making New Year Cards which would be sold to the general public while supporting the kids future. Hence, for the Ethiopian New Year which falls on the 11th of September, the cards were designed by our own member which were then sponsored by a local printing press (Andnet Printers) which vowed to make 1000 cards for free. The cards were distributed to every member, which were sold to their friends, parents, colleges and the community in which the club partnered with one of the busiest malls in Addis, Edna Mall to sell with a stand for three days while promoting Rotary and Rotaract to the public.

In Addition the owner of the establishment was inspired to donate 20,000 birr alone for the cause. Finally with the few miles to go, the club developed partnership with OVID Construction PLC which donated 7800 birr. With every member’s dedication the club was able to raise more than 83,000 birr (4000 USD) making it the highest funds raised for a single project for the club. A task which seemed impossible at the time was achieved. Now that the fundraising initiative was a success the club is preparing to donate all the supplies need for the year in September before school begins. The club and members learned that our resources in Rotaract are within the potential of each and every one of our members, which goes to say that indeed if there is a will there is a way. Many thanks to our partners and everyone who contributed to making this a success! See you all at the donations!

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