Joint Fellowship and Fundraising Luncheon with Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West

It was one of those moments that you get to capture and put it in the history books. For so many years, Rotaract club of Lewet has been in service to Rotaract and as it approaches its 10th year anniversary, there was no better time to organize a joint fellowship program with its mother, the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West. The Fellowship was organized at the initiation of a great meeting held with the BOD of the two clubs. After months of planning, they were successful in organizing the first joint fellowship in over 10 years on the 30th of September 2014. The event was held in commemoration of September’s New Generations Month which was held at Hilton Hotel at a fundraising luncheon together inviting its sister club Rotaract Club of Atrons. After a brief networking session with Rotarains and Rotaractors, a toast to the nation was made by the great women Presidents of the Rotary Club of West (Rotarian Hirut Befecadu) and Rotaract Club of Lewet (Rotaractor Brikti Haile) which led to the fellowship that commenced in which the clubs shared their experiences, with brief presentations on their history, profiles, and projects that they are currently undertaking. Afterwards, senior members of Lewet and Atrons discussed with Rotarains to share their experiences, on the transitional process in forming a rotary club, the requirements needed, what it takes to be a Rotarian, and the commitment that is expected when one becomes a Rotarain. With the objective of Lewet and Atrons members forming a rotary club together, both clubs discussed on the necessary support that should be provided from their mother club and ways to guide us in a sustainable manner. 
The club also held a fundraising program through the luncheon which was 250 birr/plate and also held an Art Auction donated from Makush Gallery in which it raised around 10,000 birr whose proceeds will go to sponsoring its member’s participation in the upcoming Multi-District RYLA 2014 event in November. Finally the club also had a surprise, in which in the spirit of creating a joint partnership RC Lewet gave a certificate of donation of 30,000 birr to its mother club’s “Enedegagef” project, in promising to cover the school supplies for the 200 children for the entire school year. The fellowship ended with a historic group photo shoot and members of both clubs exchanged business cards promising to meet not as Rotarians and Rotaractors but as partners for many more years of fellowships to come. 

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