Meet our District Rotaract Representative Elect 2016/17

Rotaract Club of Lewet was indeed honored and privileged to be given the opportunity to nominate long standing member Abenezer Feleke Yimer as the District Rotaract Representative Nominee (DRRN) as per the invitation of District Rotaract 9212 to nominate for the 2014/15 Rotaract year. Abenezer is one of our most dedicated members that fully qualify for the criteria set for the nomination to serve as the DRR not only for his strong will in accepting to serve this very important post but also his full understanding of the responsibilities the position requires of him. Abenezer has served his club as Treasurer, Professional Service Director, and finally became its 8th President in 2010. Abenezer went on to serve as the Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) for the East Africa, District 9200 in 2012/13 and finally represented his club as being the third Country Chair for the Rotaract Clubs in Ethiopia in 2013/14. He received the Outstanding

ADRR in D9200 District Award and the Special Service Leadership Award for Country Chair in D9212 for his successful service in Rotaract. In addition during his leadership as Country Chair, the Rotaract clubs in Ethiopia received an outstanding 24 District Awards from the D9212 making it one of his most notable achievements.

It is in this respect of showing his commitment, quality and exemplary leadership roles played in Rotaract in his country and beyond that he was selected by the District international Rotaract board to serve as the District Rotaract Representative for the 2016/17 RI year. It is our strong belief that he will be able to bring a viable change in all aspects of the Rotaract service endeavors not only to his country but to his District with the full support from the Rotaract Club of Lewet to make his service a reality.

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