Addis Hiwot

President 2004/05 Rotary Year

Addis-HiwotAddis Hiwot, is the founding President of the now Rotaract Club of Lewet who founded the club in 2003. Her dedication and passion for volunteerism lured her to meet Rotaract Club of Mella who used to meet at AAU, 6 kilo campus. With the will to serve and a strong sense of belief in the values of Rotary and of Rotaract she organized an information session with Mella who gave their full support in providing a training on Rotaract and how to establish a club.

Finally, with her and four other founding members, Biniam, Yordanos, Elisabeth and Dawit, the club started its routes with fully functional Board of Directors and began meeting and established itself as a University Based Club in AAU, 4 Kilo, College of Natural Science Campus. Hence, they gave the club the name of “Lewet” meaning “Change” that describes the very essence of what Rotary strives to achieve– brining positive change in the lives of its community through service above self.

After a year of fellowship and service to its community, Rotaract Club of Lewet received its chartering certificate from Rotary International under the sponsorship of its now mother club the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West and became officially chartered as member of Rotary International in 2004.

Samson Zelleke

President 2005/06 Rotary Year

Samson ZelekeSamson is one of our genuine volunteer who joined the club in its chartering year of 2004. He got his BSc in Applied Biology from the AAU, College of Natural Science Campus and then went on to acquire his MSc in Environmental Science from the same faculty. He worked at the Frankfurt Zoological Society as a Consultant and Researcher for the Conservation Leadership Program. His passion for the environment led him to receive a project grant becoming the lead in working to save an endangered wildlife bird species in Negele Borena for four years in addition to doing more than ten impact assessment projects on wildlife and environmental conservation for the country. He is now working as a network facilitator for the Horn of African Regional Environment Center.

Samson served his club as Professional Development Director and International Service Director before becoming its 3rd President in 2005. He played a great role in creating awareness about the environment and wildlife conservation initiating green rehabilitation projects for the club as well as actively being involved in more than 10 blood donation programs organized by Rotaract Club of Abugida.

Yigebashal Mekuria

President 2006/07 Rotary Year

Yigebashal Mekuria.pngYigebashal is one of the passionate members of Lewet who joined the club in 2004. She got her BSC in Computer Science, from Addis Ababa University and is currently working as an Applications Program Coordinator for an International Organization.

Yigebashal joined Rotaract Club of Lewet and became its 4th President in 2006/2007. She was instrumental in taking the club to a greater strength in membership and moved on as the founding member for its now sister club Rotaract Club of Atrons, and became its chartering President in 2008 after a resolution was passed to take the graduates of the club to form a Community Based Club to maintain Lewet as a University Based Club.

Yigebashal is also the first Miss Rotaract Ethiopia in 2009 and the principal organizer of the 84th Rotary District Conference and Assembly held in Addis Ababa, in 2009. She went on to serve as the first female Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) for the East Africa, D9200 in 2011/12.

Meron Hailu

President 2007/08 Rotary Year

Meron HailuMeron is one of the senior members of Lewet who joined the club in the year of 2005. She got her first Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the AAU, College of Natural Science Campus and then her second B.A in Business Administration from the Addis Ababa University, College of Business and Economics Faculty. She is now working as an Accountant for an accounting and finance firm in the USA.

Meron was a dedicated member of Lewet who served her club as Treasurer and Vice President before assuming her presidency becoming the 5th for her club in 2007. She played a great role in mediating the transition of the club in forming its sister club Rotaract Club of Atrons by maintaining the strength and integrity of the clubs membership as graduates lead by Past President Yigebashal formed RC Atrons at the time of her presidency.

Tewodros Daniel

President 2008/09 Rotary Year

Tewodros DanielTewodros is one of our most sociable members who joined Rotaract in 2006. He got his first BSc degree in Compute Science from AAU, College of Natural Sciences and is currently pursuing his MSc in Health Informatics (MPH) from Gondor University. He is now working as an IT System Health Administrator for the international NGO, Global Health Committee.

He served his club as Community Service Director and Vice President before becoming its 6th President in 2008. He played a major role in creating a good social network b/n the club and other Rotaract Clubs as well as creating a strong and quality membership by recruiting many members including Past Country Chair Abenezer and others who gave higher leadership services in Rotaract for the past 10 years.

In his own words
“Rotaract is an ongoing exciting facet of my life while Lewet is a delightful glimpse of it.”

Haileyesus Brook

President 2009/10 Rotary Year

Haileyesus BrookHaileyesus is the elder sibling of Past President Miheret Brook who joined Rotaract in 2006. He got his first degree in Environmental Science from AAU, College of Natural Science Campus and went on to acquire his Masters (MSc) in Environmental Monitoring and Management from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. He is now working as the Project Coordinator for the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center.

Haile served his club as Community Service Director and Professional Development Director before becoming its 7th President in 2009. when asked, he didn't want to emphasize on his achievements but wanted to express of what Rotaract and his club gave him back in return.

In his own words,
“ Rotaract and specially my club Lewet was a platform where the youth was given access to learn about societal issues in different angles and give back service through all possible ways. As a club, we did our best to address some, and I am happy I was part of it. Rotaract also allowed me to participate in activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own through initiating projects with groups and by being part of other bigger projects generated from elsewhere. Involving in such activities has allowed me to develop skills, which I still find useful in my present day-to-day chores.”

Abenezer Feleke

President 2011/12 Rotary Year

Abenezer FelekeAbenezer is one of our most passionate volunteers who joined Rotaract in 2008. He got his first Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Applied Biology form AAU, Faculty of Life Sciences, and received his Master of Science (MSc) in Public Health Microbiology, Graduating both with Very Great Distinction Honors form the AAU.

He worked at the A.A Health and Medical Research Center (AAHMRC) as a Research Program Officer of the Tuberculosis diagnostics and control program unit doing projects with the Ministry Of Health, John Hopkins University and the Korean International Cooperation Agency.

He joined Rotaract club of Lewet by an invitation form PP Tewodros in which he has served his club as Treasurer, Professional Service Director, and finally became its 8th President in 2010. Abenezer went on to serve as the Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR) for the East Africa, District 9200 in 2012/13 and finally represented his club as being the third Country Chair for the Rotaract Clubs in Ethiopia in 2013/14. He received the Outstanding ADRR in D9200 District Award and the Special Service Leadership Award for Outstanding Country Chair in D9212 for his successful service in Rotaract. In addition during his leadership as Country Chair, the Rotaract clubs in Ethiopia received an outstanding 24 District Awards from the D9212 making it one of its most notable achievements.

Miheret Brook

President 2012/13 Rotary Year

Miheret BrookMiheret is the sibling of Past President Halyesus Brook and one of the passionate members of Lewet who joined the club in 2005. She got her BSC in Architecture and Urban Planning, from Addis Ababa University Building Collage currently known as EIABC . She is currently working as an Architect at a private consultancy firm.

Miheret played a diverse leadership role in service to her club as Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Community Service Director, and Professional Service Director before becoming the 10th President in 2012. She played a great role in bringing new membership and increasing the diversity of the members profile of the club leading the way to make the club what it is today. Rotaract Club of Lewet gives special recognition to her service as the only member with the many leadership roles played in her club.

Yodahe Tsehaye

President 2013/14 Rotary Year

Yodahe TsehayeYodahe is one of the most determined and committed members who joined Rotaract by the invitation of IPCC, Abenezer in 2010. He Got his B.A in Sociology from AAU, Social Science Campus and went on acquiring Master of Arts in Developmental Studies and Urban Management. He is currently working as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Officer for Tulane International Ethiopia.

Yodahe served as Community Service Director and Treasurer before becoming its 11th President in 2013/14. He had an instrumental role in creating a strong professional development and membership quality in the club in which during his presidency, the club received the Outstanding Professional Development Award (RECLA) as well as District Rotaract Extension Award and Excellence in Reporting Award in D9212 for the 2013/14 RI Year. He is now serving the country leadership as the Country Fundraising Officer for the Rotaract Clubs in Ethiopia for 2014/15.

Brikte Haile

President 2014/15 Rotary Year

Brikte Haile (2)Brikte is Lewet’s current President who joined Rotaract in 2007. She got her B.A in Marketing Management from AAU, College of Commerce. She then went on to work for one of the leading international project management firms, the Campbell Project Management Services (CPMS) as Administrative and Finance Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager and Finally was promoted as the current Human Resource and Administrative Manager for the organization.

Brikte served as Community Service Director and Club Service Director before becoming its current President of 2014/15. She played an instrumental role making the club what it is today and organizing its 10 years event. Rotaract Club of Lewet is privileged to host its 10th Year Anniversary at the time of her Presidency with more years of fellowship and service to come.