Seeing Globally: through a Global Rotarian

Most of us at times think that what we do and how we serve through our respective clubs in Rotaract, is tied down to a local level. Only through a clubs eyes or more so a nations eyes. This notion is not always evident which RC Lewet members were able to observe by being inspired by a special guest speaker which the club hosted on the 14th of September 2014. The guest speaker was Rotarain Haregewein Dimetros who was the Past President of the Rotary Club of E-Caribbean, the first electronic club in the world. Rotarain Haregewien is an Ethiopian by citizenship who graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel with MA in Political Science and International Relations and another MA in Marketing Management. She shared her vast experience in global relations and international travel to which she has traveled over 250 countries around Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US working as a Marketing Specialist for Five Starr Hotel Management and as Vice President of the world wide Windward Company. Like she said “its better if I tell you which countries I did not visit” she shared her experiences in travel and how networking has made her advance in ways she couldn’t think before. She joined rotary 21 years ago with the Traditional Rotary Club of Saint Thomas of the US virgin Islands and then moved to Miami Florida were her office relocated. She shared how she managed to sustain her rotary virtues as she had to travel quite a lot including visiting her home country Ethiopia to which she joined one of the few Electronic clubs in the world recognized by the RI- the Rotary Club of the E-Caribbean. Meeting online at central time twice a week all the members of her club never meet physically but have fellowship ad implement project through the live internet feed discussions.

This interesting mode of fellowship captivated Lewet members as she continued on how she used the Rotary clubs around the world during her travels to link up project and develop partnerships in a sustainable manner. Once she was done, there was no time wasted as members bombarded her with questions to which she shared useful and very applicable insights on how to best implement international projects, selection of international partners, and mechanisms of fundraising as well as the vital importance of networking while implementing this processes. The club also talked about its projects and laid foundations on developing partnerships with her club on certain key areas of focus. She said that “We should not forget that Rotary is Global with so many resources out there and so many clubs yearning to work together. It is not just thinking that it is global but actually using it international nature”. With a final group photo, members continued to other agendas in their meeting as she departed the premises. But all of us had one thing in mind “One person can travel this much and be a global Rotarian?” Yes, and every single one appreciated the strength of Rotary to cover so many countries and hold all of us under one common goal, “Service above self”.

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