We live in a society that carves positive change, that needs true passion for change and that needs friendships that will last for a life time. As a person of that society that is what Rotaract Club of Lewet gave me. It became the safe heaven for me to grow personally, to find my purpose in the world and to discover my true self. I joined for the purpose of helping others and in the process I made friends of a lifetime who share the same values and passion as me. I saw volunteerism in its truest sense and what someone can do to bring a positive change in the lives of it community. Lewet is a club which strives to include every young person to be able to find what he/she is looking for or even more. For more than 8 years I have been part of the club, I have seen first hand what a group of young people with the passion for service and friendship can accomplish, with many of its projects on education, disease prevention, professional development, water and sanitation upto the environment touching every part of the community for a decade of service in excellence. AS you go through the pages of this website you will witness of what it is all about. Fellowship thorough Service. Happy 10th year Anniversary and may it bring us many more years of service to come.

Mr. Abenezer Feleke, http://rclewet.org