TO YENETA – First Round School Supply Donation

After having its successful fundraising program in august, the club held the first round of school supply donation under its TO YENETA (meaning “to the school teacher”) project for the children supported under the Tesfa Association. Out of the total 500 kids to be supported, the first rounds of donations were organized by the community service team, who worked tirelessly in organizing the list of the 70 kids, purchased the school supplies and invited their contributing partners to be part of the donations which was held on the 13th of September 2014 at the Associations Compound. At the arrivals there was an overall mood of pride and joy for the fact that the club was successful in fundraising more than 80,000 birr which seemed to be an uphill battle at the time.  The club president Brikti Haile, gave a welcome addressed and explained why the club undertakes this project every year and how this year was the most challenging as the needs was greater than the years before. Now that everything was made possible, members prepared and cataloged the exercise books per list of child needs and started giving away the donations. It was a sore sight to see that not a single child was let down and the partners were inspired to seal their commitment to support this project every year. As members beamed with joy while giving the books to the kids who were overwhelmed with joy and the constant blessings being thrown at them by their parents, it made so much sense that it was worthy of all the sacrifice made by club members to make this project a reality once more. The club assured it continuous commitment to support these children go to school every year and donated more than 10,000 birr of school materials covering their entire year worth of costs in its first round of donations which was a complete success. The rest of the donations are planned to take place in the month of October for the 430 Children in the rest of the three schools. 

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