Vocational service through our Eyes

Leather processing industry tour

One of Rotary’s main principles behind its now wide membership of 1.2million members worldwide is its strong belief in the acceptance of all useful vocations as tools in helping serve our communities at a global scale. Hence in understanding this value, RC Lewet organized for the first time a unique fellowship with its mother club Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West on a joint vocational service tour to one of the premier Leather manufacturing plants of the WALIA Leather Industries on Saturday 7th of Feb, 2014. Rotarians and Rotaractors gathered at the starting point in Hilton Hotel on a bright and sunny Saturday morning and went to the plant by bus getting to know each other and purposefully sitting together with the excitement of seeing for the first time of how leather is made into its beautiful crafts from beginning to end. As expected the tour began with the opening by the General Manager of the plant, Rotarian Shebabaw who thanked the club for initiating the endeavor and motivating its mother club to organize such a visit which is important in creating knowledge base and appreciating the process of leather production for everyone to take home to. Next followed the tour that was given by his son who is the production manager that took all of us from the beginning of processing the skin and hides followed by dying with colors, softening processes and finally its finished products processing of bags, shoes, cloth and gloves that was extremely exciting to watch every step of the way including visiting the waste treatment plant giving credit to the environmentally conscious aspect of the company which kept everyone motivated and happy to see. Finally members got the great privilege of buying the company’s product at a very cheap price making the visit worth the while. Afterwards it was a double success as members and Rotarians ate lunch together at Balageru Restaurant mingling and having a family day outing which was so exciting to see as Rotarians and Rotaractors got closer than ever before. What better way to spend a Saturday than seeing vocational service through our own eyes!!!

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